Better insight
360PLUSFEEDBACK.COM provides businesses with clear, timely and reliable insight about their customers, their employees, or their competitors

Competitive advantage
Leaders who understand their market, their customers, their employees and the relationships that create success in their business increase the competitive advantage of their company. 360PLUSFEEDBACK.COM is a survey system that will allow your leaders to get vital information from their own sources quickly, consistently and easily. Create a custom survey, send it and see the results in just a few clicks of a mouse without creating a budget crisis.

Keep them / grow them
The average cost of turnover has reached $55,977 per employee. The cost of selling to a new customer is at least 3x that of retaining current customers. To thrive or even survive in today’s business world, we must be proactive not reactive. 360PLUSFEEDBACK.COM allows you to position your company to meet customer demand and employee preferences. Find out what your customers or employees want before it's too late.

Increased efficiency
If you are one of those companies still using the old paper and pencil method, try 360PLUSFEEDBACK.COM for 30 days for FREE. Our 360PLUSFEEDBACK.COM will virtually eliminate countless hours of paper work and data entry. You will be able to mange all the activities and reports at anytime from any location. The system comes with one hundred preloaded questions and surveys for immediate use, or you can create and customize your own.

Reduce cost
A great tool designed to save you money! 360FEEDBACK.COM is unlike any other system; there are no per click charges, per report charges or hidden costs. Designing affordable software is one of our core values!

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