It started out by a research project conducted by a team of graduate students from Grand Valley State University found that nearly all the companies they surveyed were struggling through hiring processes. Painstaking hours were being spent manually sifting through resumes, interview guides were being created redundantly and most HR departments were being given haphazard information regarding skill requirements. Most had no software to help them through the process and those who did were using exorbitantly priced, complex systems.

As a result of the research project, Phillip Nguyen, President of, an international web design company, and Fred Brown, President of Quantum Services, Inc, a training and human resource consulting company since 1987, joined forces to create Quantum's HR Tech Services, LLC dedicates to helping Human Resource professionals with simple, effective and affordable software developed by HR professionals for HR professionals without all the "bells and whistles" that you don't need.

Simple but effective means that we can customize our system to meet your specific needs without shoving down all the assumptions that make the system expensive and difficult to use.  We don't believe in one size fit all.

Quantum's HR Tech Services
Fred Brown, President & Partner
Phillip Nguyen, CIO & Partner

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